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DelaVia Stereo 55cm

$389.99 USD
DelaVia Stereo 55cm: $389.99 USD My cart
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DelaVia Stereo 55cm

DelaVia Stereo

Complete Assembled

  • Stance 55cm
  • Blood shape - 25cm wide
  • Hardrock Maple
  • Light Bar 7+2Ply and Plates 6+2Ply
  • UHPL Slick, Micro satin look and feel
  • Laser graphic
  • 36 Binding holes
  • Centerflow Kingpin System
  • Kiste Junk Series Rollen 56mm
  • Kiste ABEC7 Bearings
  • DelaVia "ViaLow"
  • Made in Germany


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