Alterskate Streetboard - Made in USA

The Alterskate streetboard is back and available!  Hand made in Carlsbad, California 

Use coupon code: "alterskate" for an additional $5.00 off

The Alterskate is a true joy to ride! The footplates pivot 360 degree's around which provides a unique streetboarding experience that allows for carving like no other board provides. Super soft large wheels make the experience that much smoother.

Amazing ride and the board that started it all, well at the same time anyway. 

Comes complete with:
Streetboard Bar: 7-Ply Canadian Birch wood / 28" long / 8" wide. Super strong and durable
Streetboard Foot Plates with Hooks: 7-Ply Canadian Birch.  Unique sand texture grip
Sand Casted Alterskate trucks with soft wheels.  Graphics and stain may vary

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