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Demon Trucks (Unpolished w/nut & washers)

$54.99 USD
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Demon Trucks (Unpolished w/nut & washers): $54.99 USD My cart
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Demon Trucks (Unpolished w/nut & washers)

This is the unpolished version of our tried-and-true original DEMON Turcks.

The best streetboarding trucks in the industry.

Demon streetboard trucks have been specifically designed by the Dimension Team for hardcore street riding. With enlarged blunt plates, lower profile and angled crook area, these trucks are ideal for stepping up on any handrail or ledge. The wheel has also been designed to sit more closely to the blunt plate ensuring that you won't hang up on those super long 5-0s. A street rider's "must have"


Dimension Demons (Sold as sets of 2)

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