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Choosing the Right Size Bar

Choosing the Right Size Bar

Post courtesy of Red Pen Streetboard Mag

Streetboards come in many different styles and sizes.  Making sure you have the right board for you will depend on two main factors; your height and what type of riding you want to do.  The length of the cross-bar can range from 45cm to 57cm.  The general rule of thumb is the shorter you are, the shorter the cross bar you will need.

When learning it will be easier to start on something smaller, as it will allow you to transfer more power from your shoulders to propel the board. As you start to let your skills loose on the streets and ramps, you should move to a longer cross-bar.

If you want to pump ramps and more stability then go for something around a 55+cm.  However if street is your thing and you want to spin quickly between combos go for anything from 53-54 cm.